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The Greatest Game Show Continues - Masai Mara

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14 September 2010

The Wildebeest Migration 

The wildebeest are widely spread around the plains of Meta and Burrugat to Keekorok and heading towards the Topi Plains and the Northwest conservancy where it’s raining. The herds from south of Mara Intrepid are crossing the Talek River east of Mara Explorer to the junction of Olare Orok and Intiakitiak Rivers for greener pastures.
The area south of the plains overlooking Serena and Lookout Hill is covered with zebras while the north overlooking Musiara is covered with wildebeest. This is the corridor that the herds initially walked through in search of water. Other herds in the Triangle are heading down south to graze on the fresh grass that is sprouting after the old grass was burnt. 

There are numerous crossings taking place especially. The most frequent ones are during morning hours at the main Paradise Crossing and Shamarta west of Mara Intrepids where the wildebeest cause a stamped as they attempt jumping over the cliffs. Many are fatally injured at this time as they hurtle head on into the water.
The Olkiombo Plains, Rhino Ridge and Paradise Plains are the only areas that still have tall succulent grasses and hence are full of grazers.  
 The Big Cats
The Ridge Pride and the Paradise Pride are having great time hunting every day even when the lions are not hungry. The Paradise Pride killed four zebras at Lugga ya Nyoka (Snake’s lugga). Notch’s sons are residing between Mara Intrepids and Rekero Camp.
Time for a meal. Now, what's on the menu today......?

Wildebeest scamper for their dear lives as a lioness hunts
The Olikombo males - Cheza, Sala and Junior are back after a foray with the Maji-ya Fisi Pride. 
Olive has for the last five days been way from her two male cubs, Pasha and Kayoni,  spending most of her time west of Mara Intrepids. Pasha is north of the Smelly Crossing and Kayoni is south of it. The Ridge male is mating with Mbili near the Ker & Downey crossing.
Alama and her two male cubs are at Double Crossing where she has been for the last one week. The three brothers are between Olare Orok and Intiakitiak rivers.

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