Heritage Hotels Big Cat and Migration Updates

The Mara Comes Alive

by sales@heritagehotels.co.ke

2 September 2013

Weather update:
Clear mornings - 17ºC with cold breeze
Afternoons - 27ºC
Evenings - clouds build-up in course of the day with showers of rain on the peripheries of the reserve.
Driving And Terrain:
Tough for two-wheel drive vehicles because it is wet.
Ravines and river crossings are only manageable with 4x4. 

Following rain and green pastures, the migration continues. The crossing from Mara Triangle in the west of Mara reserve to the east is on since last week. The crossings are best seen in the early hours of the morning.

The crocodiles here are not as active as those at Paradise Crossing. Hence there are few casualties recorded in these particular crossing points.

There are new shoots sprouting around Mara bridge through to the Meta, Central, Posse up to Olkiombo plains. The lush, fresh grass triggers the migration faster, and the plains are covered with herds of wildebeest and zebra creating beautiful patterns of black and white. The wildebeest – clowns of the plains - are still busy mating and fighting over mating rights. The zebras are yakking, chasing each other and kicking the air with their back legs aiming at the opponent chin’s as they too are fighting for mating rights.

For those who are eager to see the great migration, now is the time.
Predators’ sightings is the best ever recorded around Olkiombo plain, especially of the leopards and the cheetahs. During every game drive, leopard sightings are recorded and more than one cheetah seen.


There are new born cubs in all the prides around Olkiombo.
Marsh pride has three cubs aged three months old.
Ridge pride has two.
Paradise pride has two.
Olkeju-ronkai pride female has four.
The rest of the prides have not yet brought out their young from cover.

Mating continues. Two females in the Marsh pride are in estrous.
Ridge pride has three females in estrous.
Notch and one of his son’s is at Hammerkop lugga with the Olkiombo pride with ten cubs.
The other three sons are with Olkeju-ronkai pride at Shonko crossing. The Ridge pride and Paradise pride have been taken over by Notch’s three other sons.
Bahati was west of Olkiombo airstrip hunting impalas.
Olive was not far from her daughter Bahati, also trying to hunt impalas.
Lerai lost her cubs to the hyenas.

Malaika and her son are at Hammerkop lugga.

Amani’s cubs are still together. The three are at Posse plain trying to hunt wildebeest calves. They are still not experienced hunters. 

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