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Levels of Atta Membership and Fees 2016-2017

FULL MEMBER                            

Full Members are a vital part of our membership with voting and representation rights (may nominate candidates to the Board). Access to all membership benefits.

From October 1st 2016 to September 30th 2017

Corporate Full Membership

One-off Joining Fee                                 £200.00

Annual Membership Fee                       £420.00    

Total:                                         Overseas £620.00

Fees are charged pro-rata, calculated on the number of remaining months in the financial year.

For joining criteria, please see here.

Full membership includes these categories:
  • Accommodation Suppliers
  • African Based Travel Specialist
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Overseas Based Representation
  • Transport
  • Travel Agents
  • UK Based Representation
  • UK Based Travel Specialist

NEW MARKET MEMBER                      

A “New Market Member”, a travel specialist, must be located outside UK or Africa (e.g. Europe, USA, China, Australasia). If not familiar with Atta members, an applicant can be supported by 2 Atta directors or a director and a regional Atta Rep. “New Market” member has voting rights and can nominate to the Board.

New Market Membership from October 1st 2016 to September 30th 2017

Joining Fee                                           £0.00 

Annual Membership Fee                £310.00 

Total:                                                  £310 

Fees are charged pro-rata, calculated on the number of remaining months in the financial year.

New Market membership includes these categories:
  • Australasia & Far Eastern Based Travel Specialist
  • European Based Travel Specialist
  • Latin American Based Travel Specialist
  • North American Based Travel Specialist

Other Levels of Atta Membership – Non-voting

For joining details and special reduced fees contact Atta directly

Affiliate Member: Affiliate Membership is offered to vertically integrated companies wholly owned by a Full Member.

Probationary Member: Probationary Membership is available to a new company trading for less than one year but it MUST be sponsored by at least two Atta directors who should recognise the founder as a “well known” tourism professional.


  • Tourism Boards
  • Retail & Professional Member: A Retail Member sells goods directly to the public and seeks access to tourists serviced by Atta members (E.g. wine merchant, accessories etc.). A “Professional Member” provides non-tourism services to the tourism industry (e.g. photographic, recruitment).
  • Media Partners: There are a number of ways we work with media partners in a mutually beneficial agreement. Media Members have limited status and are usually selected by invitation only. But if you would like to be considered as a media partner for Atta, please contact Atta reserves the right to select the most auspicious partners without justification.
  • Journalists: Writers covering tourism to Africa are offered a special free media membership including complimentary access to all Atta events, weekly news update, ability to send out media requests to our members and attend Atta webinars.

If you wish to join Atta in one of these capacities, please email