Honour Way

Honour Way

Endorsing luxury lodges and camps in Africa, Honour Way was established in 2007 and is a specialised marketing and public relations company dedicated to the needs of our clients. Honour Way is owner-managed by Honour Schram de Jong, currently resident in the United Kingdom, with a Masters degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and lived in Africa for many years.

Old fashioned, personal attention is our trademark and a large part of the year is spent visiting key and new markets around the world ensuring maximum exposure for carefully selected and complementary properties. Clients include a selection of privately owned and meticulously managed luxury lodges; Tongabezi Lodge, Kaingu Safari Camp and Anabezi Camp in Zambia; Kaya Mawa in Malawi; and Alex Walker's Serian in Kenya & Tanzania. Whilst maintaining our associations with the people behind established target audiences, Honour Way also regularly discovers new market opportunities around the globe. 

Where we operate

Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia

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Charities we are proud to support:
Tujatane Trust School Tujatane Trust School

The Tongabezi Trust School was set up by Vanessa Parker, who was previously teaching as a volunteer in Livingstone. Vanessa is the wife of Ben, who established Tongabezi in 1990. The school opened on 1 May 1996 and due to its huge success it has been growing ever since. Vanessa donates her time to the school on a purely voluntary basis. The school provides education to children from the local communities where educational funding and materials are scarce. Tujatane has grown from a pre-school class of 15 children, to a primary school with over 200 students. The school has charity status in the UK and is completely funded on donations. Apart from the first classroom, which Tongabezi built, the development of the school has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of donors all over the world

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Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

All Honour Way clients play their role but a particular personal involvement is with Tujatane, the Tongabezi Trust School which I regularly raise money for and my mother is an avid supporter of. 

Features & Services

Honour Way offers comprehensive marketing and PR services in Dutch, French, German and English and constantly strives to improve occupancy levels beyond expectation.