The Safari Company

The Safari Company

If you & your family would like to experience Africa whilst staying in magnificent little game lodges, a safari tent, a beach villa or exquisite little farmhouses rather than larger hotel chains, The SAFARI Company is right for you.

The SAFARI Company specializes in tailor made, adventure travel staying in only small, personalised places (to suit ALL budgets).

We carry out our research with our kids; we stay in each and every place with our kids, so we know which lodges & camps are perfect for families.

We do not own any lodges, hotels or camps; therefore we offer a real, honest and unbiased service.

We are located in Nairobi & Nakuru in Kenya, Gloucs in England & NY, USA.

Where we operate

Botswana, Congo, Democratic Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe

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Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

We at The Safari Company believe in responsible travel, we would like to keep Africa as it is.

Africa has enormous tracts of un-spoilt land. It is important for us to preserve our land, encourage our traditions, respect our people and protect our environment.


Features & Services

We offer adventurous East African travel whilst staying in small, luxury, hosted accommodation … for all budgets.

  • Our clients are those looking to be looked after, they are looking for luxury, looking for intimacy, looking for authentic experiences and looking for adventure.
  • Our clients can use us at every stage of their lives.  Our clients can come on a family holiday with us, staying in small luxury places whilst riding horses at the same time as experiencing authentic cultural life as children, funded by their parents.... These same people are then able to return for their honeymoon to a luxurious beach boutique hotel, then with their own small children to child-friendly places and then large children whilst having the same experiences … even though their budgets may vary.
  • From our team of 14, one person is generally out of the office exploring new areas, new accommodations and new adventures, it is due to this that we see ourselves as the single most knowledgeable operator in Nairobi in the small, luxury, adventurous field.