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Northern Sudan is one of Africa's most mysterious destinations. The Nile river crosses the Sahara desert and along its valley there are very interesting archaeological sites of Egyptian and Meroitic civilization still unknown to the most. There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt. The Nubian desert, the Eastern part of the Sahara and the Nile Cataracts, are only some of Sudan's natural wonders. The Italian Tourism Co. Ltd., offers only the best itineraries, the best accommodations, the best organization. Our staff knows all the archaeological sites, the hidden Nubian villages, the nomads' settlements, the more spectacular desert landscapes. We built two luxury properties located in the most interesting areas of Northern Sudan. At the foot of the Jebel Barkal in Karima, there is our NUBIAN REST HOUSE, a charming boutique hotel with 22 twin rooms (all with private facilities), a delicious restaurant and a pleasant veranda where to sit in the cool starry nights. The rest house is tastefully decorated, starting from the original Nubian door where the guests enter the property, to the open air lobby, to the living room where to rest or read a book. MEROE CAMP has 22 twin bedded tents set on a concrete base all with private facilities. The room size is 4 x 4 mt. and inside there are also small bedside tables with a reading light, drawers and mirror; outside there is shady veranda with 2 chairs for reading or simply relaxing overlooking the open desert before the pyramids.

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