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RwandAir: Full steam ahead

23 March 2017

According to usually well-informed sources, RwandAir has adjusted their expansion plans by giving priority to launch services to Mumbai in April and London Gatwick at the end of May over initial suggestions of launching a route to Guangzhou, with even New York now coming ahead of China flights. To launch services to the US, however, certain logistical requirements are to be met such as having Kigali International Airport approved by the FAA as a Category One airport facility besides the ... read more

Kenya, Laikipia

23 March 2017

Laikipia update by Phil Birley from World Odyssey The whole region is exceptionally dry at present with no significant rain since last year. Most people are saying that this is the driest spell of weather since 2000. The disruption in North West Laikipia has been caused by the lack of grass for livestock further north, resulting in Pokot and Samburu herders driving their cattle southwards in search of grazing land. ... read more

US and UK ban cabin laptops on some inbound flights

23 March 2017

The UK government has announced a cabin baggage ban on laptops and tablets on direct flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The ban follows a similar move in the US, where officials say bombs could be hidden in a series of devices. Downing Street said it was "necessary, effective and proportionate". The government has not given a start-date for the ban, but says airlines are "in the process of implementing it". ... read more

Zambia: 2017 ZATEX preparations are underway

23 March 2017

Zambia Travel Expo 2017 preparations are underway, it is indeed an exciting period for the Zambia Tourism Agency team to see all their efforts start unfolding and yielding fruits. As you may know, the Zambia Travel Expo has been running and is fully functional. Exhibitors and Buyers’ profiles have been updated to the website. Applications to attend ZATEX 2017 are still open and the 2016 ZATEX magazine is also available for viewing on the website. ... read more

Atta Financial Update

23 March 2017

Executive summary: Africa’s private equity investors made significant commitments last year, but 2017 looks challenging. 2016 numbers continue to trickle in, and it is becoming increasingly clear that while the talk of Africa rising (or not) and commodity downturns persisted, investors, operators, and entrepreneurs in Africa kept their heads down and got on with business. Private equity invested US$3. ... read more

Cape Verde reports tourism increase

22 March 2017

The exotic volcanic archipelago on the northwest coast of Africa is currently enjoying significant tourism boost. The gem of the area, Cape Verde has been so far well-hidden from most of the holidaymakers preferring exotic hot-spots. Yet, according to the National Statistics Institute in Cape Verde reports, the foreign visits in the archipelago have increased by 13.6 per cent during last year, with tourists from the UK, Germany, Portugal and France choosing to spend their holidays on ... read more

Collaboration will make life saving water bottles available at WTM Africa

22 March 2017

In an effort to help raise awareness around the importance of having access to safe water and sanitation, WTM Africa has collaborated with international water development charity, Just a Drop. Just a Drop’s mission is to work with communities around the world by providing sustainable solutions through the construction of wells, boreholes, pipelines, hand pumps and latrines, and establish hygiene and sanitation programmes to make a real difference to people’s ... read more

Limpopo on high alert as Botswana issues Malaria warning

21 March 2017

Travellers heading to Botswana or those who find themselves in Limpopo need to ensure they take the correct preventative measures as a warning has been issued for high levels of malaria in both of these regions. The Ministry of Health and Wellness for Botswana has issued a warning that the country is experiencing a high levels of malaria, following the recent heavy rains. "There have been increases in the number of cases in Okavango, Ngami, Chobe, Boteti, Tutume and Bobirwa. ... read more

UNWTO Secretary General candidate landed key African Union Leadership Position

21 March 2017

The Zimbabwe UNWTO Candidate for Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Eng. Walter Mzembi, landed an African Union (AU) Leadership position in Lome, Togo on 17 March 2017. African Tourism, Energy and Infrastructure Ministers in Togo for the AU STC Meetings reaffirm their faith in Zimbabwe leadership in Tourism and elected the Hon. Eng. Walter Mzembi, Tourism & Hospitality Industry Government of Zimbabwe, as their Vice Chair of the Bureau of the ... read more

Poaching menace leaves only 540 rhinos in Kenya

20 March 2017

There are only 540 rhinos left in Kenya down from 20,000 in 1970, according to EarthWatch Institute, an international environmental charity organisation. This comes on a backdrop of extensive poaching that has been witnessed in the country over the past 20 years with conservationists working round the clock to stem this vice. On Tuesday, March 14, rhino horns from Kenya worth over Sh600 million hidden in two suitcases were impounded in Vietnam by police and customs officers. ... read more

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