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Uganda Wildlife Authority clarifies on gorilla tracking fees

19 June 2017

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has nipped rumours in the bud that Uganda’s gorilla tracking permit fees would be raised and in a letter to the Association of Uganda Tour Operators said as much. The current level of fees will therefore remain in place for the next two years allowing Uganda to take full advantage of the doubled fees in neighbouring Rwanda, where the cost for a single permit, Rwandan citizens included, now stands at a whopping 1.500 US Dollars. ... read more

YTP-Cape Town June Event @ Kloof Street House

16 June 2017

Not only an opportunity to meet and mingle with Cape Town’s Young Travel Professionals, some our fellow chapter members from over the pond in the USA will be joining us for drinks and hang time. It’s a networking events for young professionals looking to build careers, make connections and enjoy perks like FAMS, giveaways and, of course, exclusive event invites. What's on offer? Each attendee will receive a welcome drink and snacks will be available, compliments of ... read more

Europe lifts ban on Mozambican airlines

16 June 2017

After teams from the EU Air Safety Committee carried out an audit of the National Institute of Civil Aviation of Mozambique in February, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has lifted the ban on Mozambican airlines from flying to Europe. The removal of Mozambican airlines from the European Union blacklist - as it is also known - has been greeted with much praise from not only the aviation industry but also from tourism stakeholders in the country. ... read more

Atta Financial Update

15 June 2017

Executive summary for the week of 06-Jun-17 to 13-Jun-17 (week 24) The Africa Development Bank (AfDB) has set out a multi-billion dollar power roadmap for continent. The AfDB will use US$12 billion to improve electricity access in Africa targeting more than 350 million people in the next five years. Under the new deal on Energy for Africa’ strategy, the bank will also pull between US$45-50 billion ... read more

Kenya grants SA visitors 90-day visa free stay

15 June 2017

Nairobi has granted South Africans additional time to visit Kenya without visas, pointing to a thawing of diplomatic relations between the two nations. Interior secretary Joseph Nkaissery says in a legal notice published last Friday that South Africans can now visit and stay in Kenya without a visa for up to three months, up from the previous 30 days. The notice says South African “civil servants, holders of diplomatic, official or ordinary passports” can visit Kenya ... read more

Storms in South Africa's Cape fail to stem water shortages

14 June 2017

South Africa's tourist capital Cape Town remains gripped by critical water shortages despite being lashed by torrential rains last week in the region's worst storm in 30 years, officials said on Tuesday. More than eight people were killed and thousands forced from their homes after gale force winds and flash floods hit shanty towns already coping with Cape Town's worst drought in a century. ... read more

STTA’s Green Tourism Summit for Africa is now underway

14 June 2017

Judy Kepher-Gona, the CEO of the Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda in Nairobi / Kenya kicked off the proceedings for the 3rd Green Tourism Summit for Africa earlier this morning, introducing the event sponsors, which includes one of Nairobi’s greenest hotels, the Park Inn Westlands besides AFEW, BR!GHT, Fairview Coffee, Netfund and Uniglobe Let’s Go Travel. Nairobi county government tourism executive Anna Othoro then delivered the key note address before declaring the ... read more

Key strategies to developing Zanzibar into a world-class destination

13 June 2017

Former Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, Dr Ramakrishna Sithanen recently paid a visit to Zanzibar to offer strategies employed that led Mauritius to become one of Africa's leading economies. Saleh Said, Director of Pennyroyal Gibraltar Ltd and Zanzibar Amber Resort, invited Sithanen to Zanzibar to discuss his experiences regarding the development of Mauritius to an upper-middle income economy, whereby poverty levels declined from 40% to 1%, and to address the ... read more

Trans-border African task-force nails ivory smuggling network

13 June 2017

A cross-border African task-force has arrested several key members of an ivory smuggling pipeline that covertly moved tons of elephant tusks from Africa to Asia. Details of the intensive six-week clandestine operation were released in Nairobi on Friday, the culmination of a crackdown by the Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF) and its multi-agency partners. "These arrests reveal how the smuggling has been orchestrated," said Kraisak Choonhavan, Chairperson of Freeland, the ... read more

Steady growth of internet penetration in Africa a boost for e-tourism

12 June 2017

Currently, there are approximately 345 million internet users in Africa, representing 9.3% of the total population and a penetration rate of 27.7%. These statistics, presented in a hospitality report by Jumia Travel, reflects the opportunity for tourism and hospitality industry players in exploiting the internet to grow e-tourism. The growth of 4G networks has also extended to more than half of African countries, with 72 live LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks in 32 countries as at ... read more

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