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Atta Africa Financial Update

10 August 2017

Executive summary: South African MPs will vote in secret in a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma shortly, in a surprise move that increases the chances of his removal over allegations of corruption and cronyism. South African opposition parties have put the ANC under pressure to accept a secret ballot — including taking the matter to the country’s courts — believing it to be the only way ruling-party MPs disillusioned with Mr Zuma will vote against ... read more

Rare orchid species found in SA brings hope to Cape Floristic Region

08 August 2017

After the Cape Flower show was postponed earlier this year due to the Western Cape’s drought, some plant enthusiasts have become despondent and concerned about the well-being of the province’s flora. However, adding a glimmer of hope amid the myriad of negativity and decline that our global environment is currently facing, a rare orchid species has been identified in the Cape region. ... read more

FCO Travel Advice: Ethiopia

08 August 2017

Ethiopia travel advice 07-08-2017 10:20 AM GMT Latest update: Summary – the State of Emergency called in October 2016 in response to protests and unrest in the Oromia and Amhara regions was lifted on 4 August 2017 read more

Malawi hails 'historic' relocation of 520 elephants

07 August 2017

Malawi on Thursday celebrated the successful conclusion of a two-year project moving 520 sedated elephants by truck to a reserve where the animals had been nearly wiped out by poaching. Described as one of the biggest-ever wildlife translocations, the elephants were transported 350km from two southern parks to the Nkhotakota reserve in the centre of the country. "We have taken extraordinary measures to secure a future for Malawi's elephants, and at the same time are helping ... read more

Wilderness Safaris’ new camp set to open in Botswana

07 August 2017

Qorokwe, a new Wilderness Safaris Classic Camp, in the Qorokwe Concession in Botswana, will open to guests in December. The camp is in the south-eastern Okavango Delta, adjacent to Moremi Game Reserve. Read more Source: TU read more

Cape Town Tourism eKasi Sessions engages communities to boost tourism SMEs

04 August 2017

According to Enver Mally, chairperson of Cape Town Tourism, the road to inclusivity is a sensitive one. The "bull in a china shop" approach can announce your presence but it can also lead to lasting damage. “Our local communities are fed up of having organisations coming in and telling them what's best for them,” Mally said in an interview recently, “all agencies and organisations should be asking themselves, what can we learn from you, our communities, what do ... read more

Congo-Brazzaville sets sights on becoming ecotourism destination

04 August 2017

Travelers landing at Maya-Maya airport in the Republic of Congo are greeted by the sort of sights one might find in a European city, with plexiglass walkways connecting the boarding wings and the main hall. A large sign pointing towards Brazzaville welcomes you at the exit. Outside, the city buzzes with the sounds of traffic and pedestrian conversation, day and night. Just a drive away sits the second largest rainforest in the world. ... read more

Zimbabwe: Communities Can Develop, Benefit From Tourism Products

03 August 2017

In Rusape, St Theresa, in particular, Manicaland province, villagers talk of the Maninga Mountains - a range adding to the beautiful landscape occupying a unique place in the people's hearts. A part of Zimbabwe's apocryphal tales, the Maninga Mountains' rich history is pregnant with tales associated with the craftiness of the Maungwe people. Various large caves make part of the Maninga range's story as these ningas - caves running for kilometres and large enough to ... read more

RwandAir launches Cotonou flights

03 August 2017

RwandAir is shortly launching their inaugural flight from Kigali to Cotonou, the capital city of Benin. This will be the 23rd destination of the airline and the 7th in West Africa, expanding the network of Africa’s fastest growing airline even further. The aircraft regularly used on the route will be a Bombardier CRJ900NextGen of which RwandAir now operates two, both purchased directly from the manufacturer and offering a two class configuration of business and economy classes. ... read more

MZNP celebrates 80 years of protecting the Cape mountain zebra

02 August 2017

As World Ranger Day was celebrated around the globe yesterday (31 July 2017), South African National Parks (SANParks) celebrated the 80th birthday of Mountain Zebra National Park (MZNP). On 3 July 1937, MZNP was proclaimed for the purpose of protecting the Cape mountain zebra (Equus zebra) at which time it was estimated that fewer than 100 Cape mountain zebra were left in South Africa. The Cape mountain zebra sub-species was downlisted off the list of endangered species threatened with ... read more

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