Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Wildebeest everywhere

by Nomad Tanzania

9 December 2015

It really is a superb time to be in the Southern Serengeti...there are wildebeest everywhere! The herds are stretching all the way from our Serengeti Safari Camp in Masek, throughout the Ndutu Marsh to the Gol Mountains and Naabi, all the way down to Kusini, Kakesio and the Hidden Valley. 

Our guides are reporting fabulous game sightings in the area, we will keep you posted as we edge towards the calving season of the New Year. 

On the mooooove.

by Nomad Tanzania

13 November 2015

Well, everyone is on the move, There are still the odd few stragglers making small crossings up in Kogatende but most of the herds are now down towards the Southern Serengeti. Our guides are seeing big groups of wildebeest around Seronera, Turner Springs and the plains around the kopjes near Ikoma.

The Serengeti is looking beautiful and green and there have been substantial rains in Seronera over the last week. And, hot off the plains this morning is news that the first herds have just arrived in Ndutu, just in time for our Serengeti Safari Camp to move down there next week.

Not to be outdone by mega herds of wildebeest though, our camp had a pride of 38 lions in camp on Monday – it really is all systems go in the Serengeti it seems.

All sorts of beasties

by Nomad Tanzania

23 September 2015

The migration is still in full swing up in the northern Serengeti, and there are plenty of wildebeest around Lamai, with big daily crossings happening at the moment and some local showers nearby keeping our friendly gnu's moving.

But that is not all, we have also been graced by some very special resident mama's, with a beautiful leopard lady with her cub and a rhino with a calf in the area being seen by many of our lucky clients. And, if that wasn't quite enough, there have also been sightings of a pack of wild dogs. Now that's a first in Kogatende for a long time - let's hope they hang around.