Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Hot off the plains...

by Nomad Tanzania

29 May 2015

News reaching us from the Serengeti is that Nomad guide Nathan spotted large herds of wildebeest and zebra yesterday crossing the seasonal river that brings water to Lake Magadi in Moru. 

These pictures were taken by Nathan at Vidimbwini near the Simba kopjes and today the herds were seen moving from the Naabi Hill towards Olbaye, with a long line still moving into Moru. 



Of gnu's and pussy-cats

by Nomad Tanzania

14 May 2015

Our guides in the Serengeti have been tracking down the migration for us again and our latest reports are that the wildebeest are still keeping us guessing and are now exactly where they should have been…3 months ago!

The herds are stretching from Ndutu, across the plains to Naabi and Lemuta, the Gol and Simba Kopjes are full of grunting gnu’s and there are still some smaller herds further north near Barafu and towards Seronera. On Tara’s recent trip to the Serengeti the cats were out in force with a pride of lions in the kopje right in front of camp roaring through the night, another pride with 11 cubs enjoying an afternoon kip not too far from camp, and a drive that came across not one, but TWO leopards.  As always, the Serengeti is full of surprises.

Keeping us on our toes

by Nomad Tanzania

16 April 2015

The beasts are keeping us all on their toes this year.  While we had guides getting stuck in the dust only 2 weeks ago on the way to Piyaya, it seems that after the big rains started, there has been a huge U-turn of the main herds, and Golini/Naabi and the plains are pumping with animals and the dust has finally turned to mud and eventually lovely green shoots.

They stretch all the way from the Ndutu triangle, Naabi, Gol Kopjes and all the way down to Piyaya. There are still some zebra around Moru but the majority has gone from there, and sadly the Western Corridor is once again very empty. There are some splinter herds already up near Lobo and even Kogatende, but they are in smaller numbers. Some reports in Kenya claim that they first crossings happened in the Mara but we doubt these are true migrants. Will keep you posted on further movements.

Also, great news in from Nduara Loliondo that the wild dogs were seen hunting earlier this week.