Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Sleepless nights...but we aren't complaining

by Nomad Tanzania

20 July 2015

Our Serengeti Safari Camps have just packed up and left the Western Corridor, following our bellowing friends north as they make their way towards the Mara. Our last guests in the Western corridor sites were truly spoilt! Wildebeest surrounded the camp for most of the last week and they gave a fantastic send off concert all through the last nights that the camp was in Musabi. Not much sleep, but no one was complaining!  

At the moment there are big herds further north in the Nyamalumba/Sandriver area and our camps now in the north are already catching some fabulous crossings over the Sandriver.

As if that weren’t enough, we are getting reports of plenty of cats and also rhino on game drives – oh, to be right in the thick of the action. Someone has to do it…

On the hoof...

by Nomad Tanzania

8 July 2015

This picture was taken yesterday by one of our Serengeti guides, David, while he was in the western corridor. 

This area of the Serengeti is absolutely pumping with wildebeest and we have been treated to many a river crossing over the Grumeti River. They are definitely on a mission though and it is obvious they wont hang around too long as they push North, with the first few groups hanging around the Kunga area, and the Sand River up near Lamai.  

Heading on up

by Nomad Tanzania

19 June 2015

The majority of our favourite migrating beasts are still around the Seronera area in central Serengeti, mainly concentrated around the Maasai Kopjes and the Gol Mountains.  

There is movement in the air though and a few groups have started heading up North and have been spotted around Bologonja. We will keep you posted as the rest are likely to follow suit shortly.