Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Migration Update - 1st July 2008

by nomad

1 July 2008

Following on from the very sparse rains in the Serengeti over the last few months, the park is drying up fast. At the end of June, we would expect the Grumeti River to be flowing still but the pools are already forming. For the last two weeks there has been plenty of migration activity throughout the Western corridor area, but there are real signs now that they are moving northwards, earlier than usual, which means heading up through Western Serengeti and Ikorongo and moving across up towards Lobo and Bolagonja. The front runners are already in the Tagora Plains area.

The game is still good in the Western/Central part of the park and the northern areas have received more rain than further south.


Migration Update - 23rd May 2008

by nomad

24 May 2008

The rains have been very unpredictable across the country. Some areas have been hit by serious flooding and crop damage while others look as if they might be heading for a drought.

The Crater Highlands are the balance in this weather pattern. East of the range there has been lots of rain but the Western side has not been so lucky. The Serengeti plains are drying out early and the Parks have started their early burning. However, in many places, the grass is already well dried.

The Wildebeest are likely to move off before the norm. Currently there are scattered groups across a wide area and even some still high up towards the crater where there is good grazing and water. However, they have all moved from the short grass plain areas and are focussed more on central Serengeti.


Migration Update - 28th March 2008

by nomad

29 March 2008

Easter came early for many this year. The spring hares and African hares were plentiful and the weather decided to join in the fun. Over the last two weeks, there have been dramatic skies, thunder and lightening and heavy showers all over the northern circuit. For the last few years, the long rains at the end of the green season have not broken until mid-April but this year was different.

The rains were very welcome in the Serengeti where a long dry patch during late Feb and early March had meant that the wildebeest had dispersed and moved out of the short grass plains and south into the Macau, Maswa and Simyu areas. As soon as the heavens opened, the long lines of wildebeest headed straight back to the Ndutu area arriving in force over the Easter weekend.

The weather predications for the next week still indicate more rain to come but it might ease off in intensity towards the end of the coming week. This rain is especially welcome as the general rainfall figures over the last 3 months have been low which can then cause a problem later on as the dry season sets in.