Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Migration Update - 10th July 2008

by nomad

10 July 2008

The dry in the Serengeti has meant a quick change in the Wildebeest movements over the last week or so. Seven days ago, there were still substantial numbers in the Western corridor while the front runners had moved off. Suddenly, within a couple of days, the Corridor emptied and the mass of herds moved out. They are now spread out on the northern Serengeti area, along the border area, with some of the herds already crossed into Kenya.

There has been some rain up in the northern area, unlike further south, so it is a bit early to tell where the majority of the herds will spend the dry season. Obviously their priority is the best type of grazing and standing water to drink.
The Western corridor is dry but there is still excellent action to be seen. A pride of lion stalked a giraffe yesterday and would have achieved their kill had it not been for a herd of elephants that chased them away.

Sadly there are still many fires throughout the park, which is a cause for concern in a drought where all grazing is precious. Some areas are so dry that they are now burning very hot and do not leave much edible grass behind.


Migration Update - 1st July 2008

by nomad

1 July 2008

Following on from the very sparse rains in the Serengeti over the last few months, the park is drying up fast. At the end of June, we would expect the Grumeti River to be flowing still but the pools are already forming. For the last two weeks there has been plenty of migration activity throughout the Western corridor area, but there are real signs now that they are moving northwards, earlier than usual, which means heading up through Western Serengeti and Ikorongo and moving across up towards Lobo and Bolagonja. The front runners are already in the Tagora Plains area.

The game is still good in the Western/Central part of the park and the northern areas have received more rain than further south.


Migration Update - 23rd May 2008

by nomad

24 May 2008

The rains have been very unpredictable across the country. Some areas have been hit by serious flooding and crop damage while others look as if they might be heading for a drought.

The Crater Highlands are the balance in this weather pattern. East of the range there has been lots of rain but the Western side has not been so lucky. The Serengeti plains are drying out early and the Parks have started their early burning. However, in many places, the grass is already well dried.

The Wildebeest are likely to move off before the norm. Currently there are scattered groups across a wide area and even some still high up towards the crater where there is good grazing and water. However, they have all moved from the short grass plain areas and are focussed more on central Serengeti.