Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Migration Update - 24th November 2006

by nomad

24 November 2006

All of the Serengeti has been subject to substantial rain over the last couple of days. This has ranged from a few days of almost solid rain in the north, to a light drizzle around Ndutu. From the weather charts, it looks as if the wet period will be with us for a while, so we can expect it to have substantial impact on the location of the Migration.

While the rains will promote the new rich grass growth, it will be a week or two before the areas that had no cover at the end of the dry season gain enough grass to support the large herds. However, the Migration will be on the move towards the central and southern Serengeti over the next few days.


Migration Report - 12th November 2006

by nomad

13 November 2006

The rains that have been falling in many areas of Tanzania have
finally made it to the Serengeti. Many areas have received decent
showers in the last few days and so the Migration itself is on the
move again. Whether this is a temporary diversion or something more
permanent, only time will tell as the Wildies will need much more rain
to persuade them to leave the north for the short grass plains.

Currently the herds are spread with decent numbers still in Kenya and
crossing the Mara River, the advanced guard have reached down as far
as the Tagora plains, in central Serengeti.

The game is still very good all over the northern half of the Serengeti.
The rains in the rest of Tanzania have been a bit patchy but very
heavy, with some areas receiving twice their average rainfall for November already.


Migration Report - 1st November 2006

by nomad

1 November 2006

While large areas of Tanzania has been receiving heavy downpours over the last two weeks, the Serengeti has yet to receive much of this. The Eastern side of the Park is quite dry now, though there is still plenty of grass around the whole northern sector.
The Migration herds are even more spread out than before, with substantial groups still north of the Mara River but sizeable numbers around Bolagonja, Tabora and Grumeti.
If the rains hold off, the wildies will not move to central Serengeti too early this year. But if decent showers come, after the substantial burning, we could see the main herds heading south this month.
The resident game in all of these areas is still excellent and, despite the dry conditions, there is still plenty of grazing around.



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