Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Migration Update - 5th Jan 2009

by nomad

5 January 2009

There has been little rain in the last two weeks in much of the Southern Serengeti and the Migration herds have travelled west to the longer grass plains around Hidden Valley and Moru. The game was still good around Ndutu. It was drying up fast north of the Naabi road remained very dry with game spread out, mostly to be found in the woodland areas and not in the open.

In the last two days, there have been some heavy showers around the whole short grass plain area, including southern Loliondo, with some more possible showers predicted for the next two days. So long as these are generous enough, the green grass will come through with amazing rapidity and the herds will be back as quickly as their hooves can carry them. The short grass plain with its nutrient rich grass is where they need and want to be throughout this period of calving and beyond.

The onset of the green season in Serengeti is often unpredictable with dry spells after the initial rain. It is too early to tell what kind of green season we will have. But after the generous rains we have had this last year. it does seem as if it will be drier this time around.


Migration Update - 15th December 2008

by nomad

15 December 2008

There is now plenty of game around the Naabi/Ndutu/Gol areas after the recent rains, though there has not been any major showers in the last week. Lakes Ndutu and Masek have lots of water and there is grazing. The weather forecast shows the potential for light showers in the following week, and hopefully that will be enough to keep the area green or the herds will move off again until there is a proper downfall to entice them back in.


Migration Update - 3rd December 2008

by nomad

3 December 2008

The unusual rain pattern has continued throughout November, though it is still patchy. Northern, Central and Western Serengeti have received plenty of rain and this has led to the familiar problems of flooded roads and black cotton fun and frolics. The short grass plains in East and South have had more patchy rainfall but it seems there is more about.

The Migration is now well south and east around Ndutu and Naabi with more flowing in each day. The next phase to look o
ut for is the calving. This may happen earlier on than usual if the rains keep up (starting late Dec/early Jan). It is anyones guess as to how the green season will progress from here. It is not an official El Nino year so these early heavy rains are for some other reason. It may be that they carry on as per usual with dry periods and wetter periods until May or it could signal a more extreme wet/dry cycle for these months.

Despite our fears from the very dry April and May, this year has been a good dry season with rain most months that kept many wildebeest south of the border and provided plenty of fodder and water for all the other animals in
volved in the circle of the Serengeti eco-system.