Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

An early move for the migration this year.

by Nomad Tanzania

26 May 2014

The migration has moved to the western corridor quite early this year, concentrated along the Grumeti River and all the way up towards Kirawira.

Serengeti Balloons has opened their operation in Grumeti one week ahead of schedule to allow clients the best view over the herds as they are gathering on the plains around Musabi and Sabora.

We'll keep you up to speed with changes as they happen.


Wildies, Westward-ho!


13 May 2014

The wildebeest are concentrated in the central Serengeti at the moment, around Seronera and Moru areas, and some have slowly started moving towards the western corridor, with the first pioneers having reached as far as Kirawira already. The big herds are still in Moru and the surrounding areas and around our Serengeti Safari Camp, with lots of predator action reported by our guides in the field!

Wall-to-wall wildebeest in Loliondo

by Nomad Tanzania

31 March 2014

Having just returned from our camp, Nduara Loliondo, I can safely say I've never seen a migration spectacle like it.  For over three hours we drove cross country across the endless green grassy plains of Loliondo uttering frequent exclamations as, over each successive ridge, the herds got denser.  Standing on the roof of the vehicle and spinning 360 degrees, the plains and distant ridges were speckled with the dark spots of wildebeest - as though someone had thrown handfuls of peppercorns on green baize.

As you drive through, the herds part and then close behind you.  The scene is peaceful, majestic and breath-taking in its magnitude.  When you stop the car, your senses are over-whelmed by the low grunts, the chomping of grass and the smell of fresh dung.  You start to run out of superlatives and are reduced to simply sitting in silence and trying to take it all in.

Possibly the best part of all was that we spent an entire morning as the sole witnesses to this great event; there was not a single other car in view.  How special is that?

Have a quick look at this 2min movie I filmed on my iPhone on Saturday (apologies for the lack of editing prowess!)

At the moment, the herds very spread out over the plains from Ndutu, Naabi, towards Gol and Barafu kopjes, and all the way to Gol Mountains and Piyaya.

Amanda, Nomad Marketing Manager