Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Wildebeest on a southerly course

by Nomad Tanzania

11 December 2013

Wildebeest are arriving in Moru!!

They are slowly filing down from Western Corridor/Seronera/Rongai past Magadi and into Moru.

Our guides at Lamai Serengeti said they have only seen the back side of them lately, and most of have left Kogatende now.

There has been rain in the crater area towards Endulen, Central Serengeti, some in Ndutu and even in Loliondo so we are hoping for the plains to be green soon and the movement to proceed southwards, and by the time Christmas comes they should hopefully all be where they should be.

Rains in the south ring the changes for the beasts

by Nomad Tanzania

2 December 2013

In response to articles speculating whether the "migration will actually happen this year" due to the dry weather in the Serengeti, we've contacted our eyes and ears on the ground to get a sitrep.  Of course, the migration is a year round phenomenon but the movements of the wildebeest are largely influenced by weather patterns and consequent availability of food. While there are still some wildebeest that seem to be lingering in the north, our guides in the area report that all crossings taking place at the moment are of beasts returning to Tanzania.  There are also herds filing southwards around Migration Camp and Lobo areas (seen by one of our guides last week there) and there are also big numbersin the western corridor.  Zebras are congregating in their thousands around Seronera.

Rains are getting heavier in the southern areas and forecast to continue, so we would expect the beasts to proceed further south…watch this space.

This is a useful weather forecast if you want to keep abreast of the clouds that those wildebeest tend to chase:




Today's collective noun: A "confusion" of wildebeest

by Nomad Tanzania

19 November 2013

A quick update for everybody since the migration is doing some unexpected things at the moment.

Serengeti Safari Camp is surrounded by huge herds of zebras, as are the whole Moru and Hidden Valley area.


Currently there are numerous crossings of the Mara River, of the wildebeest going BACK TO KENYA!! Not just hundreds, but thousands..!

Lucky for the people in Lamai and in the Mara, as this fantastic viewing in total privacy without the crowds, and am sure the animals are just as chuffed.

Big herds are also around Kirawira, Grumeti Reserves and along the Western Corridor and some all the way down near Seronera.

Over the next few days the weather forecasts predict some rains in Northern Tanzania, so let’s hope that they will turn around on their usual path soon!  We'll keep you posted.