Nomad Tanzania Wildebeest Migration Report

Rains on the plains

by Nomad Tanzania

10 October 2014

Big rains in the north over the last week and there have been lots of crossings from the Kenya side to the Tanzania side of the Mara River over the last weeks with a few smaller crossings still over the last few days. There are big herds on the plains near Bologonja which makes for beautiful photographs. There have also been some big storms in the southern parts of the Serengeti so some of the herds have made an appearance as far away as Seronera.

Herds divided but they're still crossing

by Nomad Tanzania

30 September 2014

The latest in today from Nomad guide Rem, is that there is plenty of migration action and some spectacular crossings happening in the North, despite some rain which is drawing some of the wildebeest and zebra towards Seronera at the moment.  Here are some of the week's pictures from Rem.



Happy beasties

by Nomad Tanzania

22 September 2014

It's raining a lot in the Lamai wedge, Maasai Mara and also on the southern side of the river, Kogatende and Bolagonja, so beasts are happy and content.  There is a general movement towards the South and crossings generally in the southern direction, so the Kogatende area is filling up with game and there is plenty of action.  There are some small splinter groups venturing further South already, especially zebras, but the main herds are still in the North.