Roadshow - Africa Showcase: Australia 2019

Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane - Australia
July 23rd - 31st 2019

Africa remains an exotic dream destination for Australian travellers. Tourist arrivals show steady growth supported by long-standing Africa experts in the market as well as new sellers tapping into this business. There is growing popularity of ‘emerging’ African destinations among repeat visitors, such as Zambia, Ethiopia and Madagascar as the trade looks for new opportunities and ideas for their clients.


  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane 


  • One-on-one meetings with wholesalers
  • Presentations to the room with high impact AV production
  • Structured networking encouraging retailers to complete a competition card
  • Networking dinner


‘Australia has experienced a shift in travel style over the past two years, and as travellers are “time rich”, this allows long haul destinations to take advantage of this trend. Experiential, bespoke, diversified and niche travel itineraries are the popular choice for the majority of the outbound leisure market. As such, Africa ticks all the boxes, and is therefore well poised to continue enjoying market share growth from the Australian market. It has never been more important for the marketing teams of Africa product to have a voice in the market that can be heard.’

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Roadshow - Africa Showcase: Australia 2019

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