Roadshow - Africa Showcase: Mitteleuropa

Zurich, Switzerland| Hamburg & Munich, Germany
November 9th - 13th 2020

Mitteleuropa continues to be the economic powerhouse of the European continent and a major contributor for tourist arrivals to Africa. Germany is the 3rd biggest tourism spender of overseas tourism in the world (after USA and China), with 78% of the population travelling. Africa Showcase has created a strong tradition with our annual visits to Germany and Switzerland, developing a good following with the trade. 87% of bookings in the luxury segment go via either a boutique tour operator, who is our main target market for Africa Showcase, or a bespoke travel agent which is very encouraging for the travel trade from Africa.


  • Presentations
  • Structured networking

FACILITATOR - Travel Advance

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Roadshow - Africa Showcase: Mitteleuropa