Atta Payments

We have a new payment option for EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) payments provided by Exchange4Free

When you pay via EFT you benefit from the following advantages...

  • Your payment will incur ZERO SWIFT or Transfer fees
  • There are zero commissions
  • Excellent Exchange Rates that beat the bank
  • Pay in your own local currency into a local bank account in your own country

Follow these steps to proceed for EFT


Country Paying From: Your country.        
Payer Type: Select Individual if you are paying from a personal account or Entity if paying from a company account.        
First Name:        
Last Name:        
Passport/ID Number:    
Payment Method: EFT
Invoice Currency: United Kingdom Pounds (GBP ) 
Invoice Amount: Amount on Invoice


Payment Reference Type: Keep this on Booking Reference        
Payment Reference: This is your Invoice Number      
Your Email Address:
Your Country of Residence:             
Your Mobile Number:             
Your City:      
Your Address:             
Your Postal Code:

Click on "Get Quote"

You will then be furnished with the exact amount you will be paying in your Local Currency into a  Local Currency Bank Account .

This account is where you must pay the amount owing, which will have been converted to your local currency quoted by Exchange4Free. Please make payment as soon as possible after you have set up your payment.

Please use the reference that you are given with the Local bank details given to you.

Please could you send us a Proof of Payment once you have made the local transfer.

To start your payment click on the button below

How it works

Payment is only currently available from the following countries

Available Countries
Andorra Australia Canada Czech Republic
France Germany India Italy
Kenya Netherlands New Zealand Spain
Sweden Switzerland United States  

We endeavour to add additional countries in due course

Payment can also be made by Credit Card - please contact Atta HQ to arrange for a payment link to be sent to you