28 January 2005

December & January Migration Update

Sustained rain in central and western Serengeti through November and early December meant that the herds were well spread out in the central woodlands and on the western part of the Serengeti Plain. Moru Kopjes was the place to be, as game started to gather at the easternmost extent of the green. Then, mid December saw the first decent rainfall on the southern plains, and soon long lines of wildebeest and zebra were streaming out of the woodlands to cash in on the lush new-growth grass to be ha…

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06 January 2005

Mara Big Cat Update: 7th January 2005

The Cats’ Cradle News from the World’s Most Famous Felines Maasai Mara, Kenya January 7th, 2005 Here’s what has been happening to your favourite felines* since Heritage Hotels’ last wildlife update from the Cradle of Humanity (and Big Cats) back in early December. Lions The three prides of lions in our game-viewing territory were very active throughout December, although we were only able to keep track of two of them ”“ the Ridge and Olkiombo prides ”“ on a daily basis. The Ridge (also k…

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