27 July 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya 26th July 2005

The Great Migration enters its third week, with wildebeest and zebra herds increasing fast. The light rains that swept across the southern Mara have drawn the herds from northern Serengeti. They had briefly settled on the recently burnt areas, but insufficient amounts of rain in those areas were not enough to make the grass sprout. Some crossing has been noted on the Sand River, with many animals moving into the Mara from Serengeti. However, it’s not yet dramatic since only a hand full of anima…

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22 July 2005

News from the Maasai Mara Kenya, 21st July 2005

The concentration of wildebeests in the Mara has gone up even more since last week. The Loita herds have almost tripled up in number, and the Serengeti herds have doubled and are now beyond the main Keekorok/Mara bridge road. The zebras are still leading the way as usual and quite a handful has already got to lookout hill. The long grass in their way is still keeping them from moving fast across the plains.There some light showers last week on Thursday and Friday mainly along the border of the …

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18 July 2005

Migration Report - 18th July 2005

The migration is very spread out at the moment, but there are good sized herds both in the Western Corridor, and in the Bolagonja area (western and northern Serengeti respectively). Last week saw large herds coming down from the south-east into the Western Corridor, around Musabi and Simiti.There are still plenty of green areas in the park, but the standing water is drying up fast. The Grumeti River has not been flowing for some time now, but there are still plenty of good pools and watering ho…

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14 July 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya 13th July 2005

The second week of the Great Migration has seen a remarkable increase in concentrations of wildebeest and zebra across the southern Mara. The beginning of this week saw an additional 5,000 animals congregating around and to the north of Sand River Gate. The first herds, meanwhile, have pushed further west to Roan Hill and have been joined by another herd of about 2,000 wildebeest that crossed from the Serengeti around Naima Lumbwa hills. The increase in the past two days alone confirms our gut-…

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05 July 2005

Migration Report - 4th July 2005

Mid June saw more rain falling in the central and western Serengeti area. Since there was plenty of green grass and standing water so the wildebeest were slow to move northwards. For the 1st three weeks of June, Moru and surrounds was THE place to be. In the last week there was a noticeable change with sizeable groups moving into the eastern end of the Western corridor, with large concentrations in the Simiti, Musabi and Serena areas. There has been no real rain since mid June so the area is dr…

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