26 August 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, 26th August 2005

The wildebeest migration continued to intensify this week, as more herds crossed over from the Serengeti near Sand River Gate. Inside the Mara, the herds continue to fan out to the west and north, leaving the Central Plains looking emptier by the day. Many herds have crossed the Mara River west into the Mara Conservancy, or ‘Mara Triangle’, with particularly busy crossing-points at Paradise and west of Lookout Hill. Towards the end of last week, the crossings became a bit more adventurous, as w…

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12 August 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya 11th August 2005

There is only one adjective to describe the Mara at the moment, wildebeest. The migrating herds are now almost spread out across the whole reserve. The Serengeti herds have in the past week been streaming in from the south, crossing the Mara River at Look Out Hill. The leading herds are pushing further north wards and west wards into the Mara triangle. The herbivores in the Mara ecosystem have come to associate the burning with fresh grass. However, this is only if there is some rain soon after…

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04 August 2005

News From the Maasai Mara, Kenya 3rd August 2005

The numbers of wildebeest has increased considerably in the past week. More herds crossed the border during the week, pushing the previous groups further north and west to Burrungat, Meta and Central plains. The first groups have already crossed over to the Mara triangle. The past few days have seen a few crossings on the traditional route, just below Look Out Hill with most herds heading westwards. The Serengeti herds have meanwhile split into two groups. One group is heading north towards the…

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03 August 2005

Migration Report - 3rd August 2005

The Kirawira area of the Western Corridor still has substantial groups of wildebeest around despite the fact that it is drying up fast. The Migration has definitely left the Moru area, though cats and elephant are still highlights of the area. There are light rain showers right across the Northern Serengeti which will help to keep a large part of the Migration from disappearing across the border for the time being. It will also help fast regeneration of the grass after the burning set by the p…

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