29 September 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya 29th September 2005

The Maasai Mara is continuing to witness the full wild glory of a comprehensive 'second migration', as sweeping herds of wildebeest and zebra paint the plains south of the Talek River a million hues of black, white, brown and grey. The crossing points on the Mara River below Lookout Hill have been the place to be in recent days, with thousands of animals crossing westwards into the Mara Triangle, often as early as 8am. With the grazing herds have predictably come the predators: lion prides bask…

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28 September 2005

Migration Report - 28th September 2005

The migration is currently spread out across the northern Serengeti areas from Kleins to Wogakuria. Good grazing after the last heavy rains has meant that they have remained here to take advantage of the substantial greenery in these areas. The weather is changeable, but there have been no heavy rains of late.

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13 September 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya 13th September 2005

As we predicted last week, the wildebeest have made a dramatic comeback over the past eight days ”“ filling the plains of the southern Mara in an amazing ‘second migration’. It appears that most of the herds have, in just over two weeks, made a complete cycle from the eastern Mara into the Mara Triangle, south into the northern Serengeti, and east from there before reentering the Mara near Sand River Gate ”“ for the second time since July! In fact, the pattern of the whole migration appears as …

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12 September 2005

Migration Report - 12th September 2005

Unexpected heavy rains in the park covering the area of Seronera north to the border have meant a major shift in the Migration patter in September. Very substantial herds have been seen in the whole central and northern Serengeti area including the Tagora plains. It is thought that many of the wildebeest have headed back into northern Tanzania area to take advantage of the fresh, green, nutritious grass that has sprouted over the areas of early burning.The amount of rain means that the grass …

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05 September 2005

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya 5th September 2005

The migration took a dramatic new turn at the end of last week. Most of the excitement at the crossing points died out when almost all of the wildebeest herds from the eastern side of the Mara River crossed over to the west ”“ and turned south back into the northern Serengeti. It was a very speedy exit, as most of us had expected the wildebeest to stay in the Mara until November, as is usually the case.We believe that the changing rain patterns and the burning of the grass in the northern Seren…

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