29 December 2006

Migration Report UPDATE - 29th December 2006

The game situation has not changed from our last posting. The Migration and the game situation in general remains very good, especially in the southern Loliondo/Ndutu and the short grass plains area.The heavy rains have continued over the holiday period making access to some areas very tricky, but the rain might be easing up as from today. A severe weather system centred over Madagascar that then moved onto the coast of Tanzania at the week end before dispersing, has been blamed for this.The ma…

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24 December 2006

Migration Update - 23rd December 2006

The generous rains have continued throughout the last three weeks in most areas of Tanzania. While this has caused quite a few logistical problems, there is no doubt that after the three years of minimal rainfall and the last year of real drought, it is very welcome for all.The Migration has moved right down to the short grass plains in the Loliondo/Gol/Ndutu/Naabi area. The rich, nutritious grasses are keeping the herds well fed, and standing water is plentiful. Since the rains are slated to c…

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06 December 2006

Big Cat Update, Masai Mara, Kenya, Wednesday 6th December 2006

With the long rains finally here, the Mara is already flooded in several places. This has begun to change the animals' behaviour, with the wildebeest returning back to their usual calving grounds in Tanzania. Many wildebeest had their young in the Mara earlier this year, in an unusual occurrence associated with the prolonged drought. Over the past two weeks, the Mara plains have changed radically, from dusty bare earth to a carpet of bright green.LionsAll of the lion prides in our game-viewing …

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