23 February 2006

Big Cat Update:Masai Mara, Kenya Thursday, 23rd February 2006

Since our last update, not much has changed in terms of the amount of game present in the Maasai Mara Reserve. The wildebeest are still here, which is very unusual for this time of year, and several have given birth over the past fortnight, which is something that normally only happens in southern Serengeti or on the Loita Plains. There is still a large concentration in the southern Mara triangle, where we have witnessed hyenas, jackals, cheetahs and lions go after the helpless calves. The terr…

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16 February 2006

Migration Update - 16th February 2006

The last few days has seen some rain showers in the Ndutu area and heavier rainfall around Naabi and west of there. The satellite pictures show the possibility of more showers in the Southern Serengeti over the next two days, though these will probably still be light.The Migration had been pulling back to the Seronera area as the plains dried out but they are currently heading again to the short grass plains areas that have received rainfall recently.The wind and dust have been a feature of sa…

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04 February 2006

Migration Update - 4th February 2006

The heavy rains of mid January fell over much of Tanzania for a few days and brought temporary relief from the drought that has affected the north half of the country. For the Wildebeest, this meant that the rich, nutritious grasses of the plains were now ready for grazing and they moved in huge numbers to southern Loliondo and the Gol Mountain areas. Major significant herds are also to be seen around the south western Serengeti and Ndutu, Naabi areas. Last week saw the first new born wildies…

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