27 March 2006

Big Cat Update:Masai Mara, Kenya Monday, 27th March 2006

After the recent short rains across the Mara, the plains have been transformed into a carpet of lush grass ”“ providing a time of plenty for the reserve’s great wildlife herds. At the onset of the rains, most of the remaining wildebeest began migrating back to their usual calving grounds in the southern Serengeti ”“ although most had already had their young in the Mara. The Mara predators naturally seized the chance to feed their own young, who would have been starving had all the migratory her…

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06 March 2006

Migration Update - 6th March 2006

Last week saw the drought break through most of northern Tanzania. On Monday and Tuesday, there were very heavy rains throughout the Serengeti eco system, causing quite a few interesting drives in the mud. The same weather system has stayed around and most areas have received lighter, more scattered showers over the week with more around.The short grass plains have again been transformed and there are the major herds of wildebeest all around the Ndutu, Gol and Loliondo areas. They are all comi…

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