08 May 2006

Big Cat Update; Masai Mara, Kenya Monday 8th May 2006

The arrival of the long rains early last month brought considerable relief ”“ not only to the Mara’s game but also to its human residents, who had been deeply saddened by the growing number of starving and emaciated animals around the reserve. In a few short weeks, the grass has grown tall and, as is usually the case at this time of year, most animals have moved to areas where the grass is shorter. This is mainly to avoid predation, but also to look for more nutritious shoots. However, this yea…

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01 May 2006

Migration Update - 1st May 2006

The long rains over much of Tanzania have been heavier than expected, though the distribution is still patchy. This has brought welcome relief from the long, harsh drought of the last few months and also broken the cycle of rather meagre long rains for the last two to three years.The Serengeti is very green, with plenty of grazing and standing water. The Migration has been settled in the Ndutu/Naabi/Gol area for some time now, and spread over a relatively large area. Access to some locations …

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