23 August 2006

News from the Maasai Mara, Kenya Monday 21st August 2006

The annual Mara migration has taken a dramatic new turn over the past fortnight, with a large proportion of the wildebeest herds crossing to the western side of the reserve and back over the Tanzanian border. Although scientists and guides are divided as to the reasons behind their early departure, it is believed that changes in local rainfall patterns and the recent burning of grass in the northern Serengeti must have played a role. Just how the herds in the Mara knew about this remains one of…

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09 August 2006

Migration Report - 9th August 2006

The weather is still rather unpredictable for the time of the year. After the large amounts of burning in the western and northern Serengeti over the last month, there have been quite substantial rain falls in the last three weeks which have encouraged fresh grass in the burnt areas. This will be of huge benefit to the resident game of those areas as well as the migrating herds.The wildebeest are all across the northern Serengeti area, still very spread out and some have gone as far as the Maa…

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