26 January 2007

Migration Update - 25th January 2007

There were heavy rains in the Serengeti again last week, which brought more temporary discomfort and mud as well as refreshing the temporary water holes and the supporting the nutritious grasses. However, it did not approach the drenching of the three week holiday period and again, we are in a dry spell.It looks as if the weather patterns have reverted to something much more normal for the time of year. The short term forecast is predicting heavier rain mid next week.During the very wet times, …

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05 January 2007

Migration Report UPDATE - 5th January 2007

The weather is indeed improving!Over the last couple of days, the rains in the Serengeti have eased considerably and this has made access to airstrips and many game drive areas much easier. However, there are still areas in the Park where it is not possible to go due to excess rain and saturated soil.The predictions for the next week show some moderate to light rain over the next couple of days followed by a few days of sporadic showers. This should make the going much more comfortable.Seronera…

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04 January 2007

Big Cat Update, Masai Mara, Kenya, Tuesday 2nd January 2007

Firstly - and most importantly - a happy new year to you all! Despite the torrential rains that have made much of the Mara impassable during the last three weeks, the three Heritage camps - Mara Intrepids, Mara Explorer and Siana Springs - have all managed to escape relatively unscathed. The swollen waters of the Talek River stopped short of reaching the Intrepids bridge and Explorer's dining deck, and all of our occupied tents remain dry! Needless to say, the sunshine that arrived on Sunday ha…

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