31 October 2007

Migration Update - 31st October 2007

The focus of the main migration herds is still up in the North Western Serengeti, along the Mara River and the grazing grounds in the area. The heavier than expected showers of a few weeks ago mean that there is plenty of grazing around much of the northern Serengeti and general game remains very good as well. There has been no rain recently but there are indications that it might be building up. As there have been no major large bush fires this year, and the grass remains nutritious a…

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04 October 2007

Migration Update, Maasai Mara, October 4th 2007

The wildebeest are still in the Mara, although not in the same concentrations as two weeks ago. There are patchy herds in the north of the reserve, around the Musiara Gate and down towards Rhino Ridge. The other main concentration is gathered around Lookout Hill, from where the herds are now drifting south into the northern Serengeti.The last fortnight has been dry and hot and most temporary pools have dried up, forcing the animals to converge at watering holes or streams during the day. The mo…

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