26 November 2007

Migration Update - 26th November 2007

The main herds still seem to be straddling the border, the perfect ambassadors for the East African Community. Many are in the Lemai Wedge, north of the Mara River, where the grazing is still good. The floods of late Sept/early Oct in Kenya have completely receded and the level of the river is again low. There have been light showers in the north West area of the Serengeti, though little elsewhere in the eco-system and therefore it seems unlikely that they will head south for a bit. While th…

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06 November 2007

Migration Update, Maasai Mara, November 6th 2007

After another lively migration season, the majority of the wildebeest herds have finally left the Mara for the Serengeti. After a busy week at the Paradise crossing point, only a few isolated herds are still 'residing' on the Kenyan side of the border - principally in the Musiara area and the area outside the park to the north. But by next week, these last few herds should also have joined their brethren back in Tanzania.Looking around the now barren Mara plains, it's easy to understand why mos…

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