28 March 2007

Migration Update - March 28th 2007

Over the last three weeks, we have only had sporadic and patchy showers in the general short grass plain area. This means that some areas have started to dry out whilst others remain green. The Ndutu area seems to be dryer than most, and so the main concentration of the herd that were south of Ndutu have moved westwards, and are on the medium grass plans between Ndutu and Kusini.There are still scattered, but decent numbers over the whole short grass plains area, and all other game sightings re…

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08 March 2007

Migration Update - March 8th 2007

The rains have eased off in the last two weeks and the plains have been drying out. Consequently, the herds are moving off the shortest grass, which dries up the first, and into the mid length grass towards mti mitatu/Naabi/Kusini plains. There are still sizeable numbers in the Makao area.The calving is in full swing, as per our last report, and the carnivores are in attendance licking their lips. It looks as if the calving will continue for a couple more weeks and then the numbers should trail…

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