24 July 2007

Migration Report - 24th July 2007

The rains that we mentioned in our last report that so surprised us all, have now moved off and the whole area is beginning to dry out. While there are still some large herds of wildebeest to be seen in the Western Corridor, many have already moved north and are spread across the northern half of the Serengeti. The resident game is very good. The Grumeti is still flowing (just) in the Western Corridor but it will soon settle down in to a few dry season pools. There are still patches of …

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20 July 2007

Migration Update, Maasai Mara, July 20th 2007

The Migration is On!The guides at Heritage Hotels' Intrepids and Explorer camps are today confirming that the first of the Serengeti wildebeest are entering the Maasai Mara - and the world's greatest wildlife migration is officially underway! The first herds can be seen along the sand river that winds north from the Tanzanian border. All indications suggest that this is the head of the 2007 migration into the Mara.Four weeks ago, several herds of zebra passed through this area heading west. The…

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03 July 2007

Big Cat Update, Masai Mara, Kenya July 3rd 2007

The Mara plains were pounded by rain in the first half of June, making game-viewing quite difficult - and putting several places temporarily off the human map! However, the weather is now clear again, and things are slowly getting back to normal. We've had several large herds of zebra here in recent weeks, moving in from the east and southeast of the reserve - usually a sure sign that the migration is about to begin. However, the herds moved swiftly across the Mara plains and most crossed the r…

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