28 September 2007

Migration Report - 28th September 2007

The northern Serengeti is still the place to be for the Migration, currently. Over the last couple of weeks there have been some heavy rainfalls in the whole area, which has refreshed the grass. The wildebeest are therefore quite spread out over and very large concentrations are unusual at the moment. There are some herds unusually far south for this time of the year, with some reaching below Lobo. The Mara River, which flows through the Northern Serengeti on its way to Lake Victoria, c…

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17 September 2007

Migration Update, Maasai Mara, September 17th 2007

Two weeks after tricking us into believing that they had returned to the Serengeti for good, the wildebeest migration has once again proven its capacity for the unexpected. Over the past 10 days, the concentration of wildebeest in the central part of the Mara has swelled to an enormous number. Although most of the herds had moved back over the border via the Mara Triangle, they then made a U-turn to re-enter the Mara around the Enkoikwateet salt lick, where some herds had originally entered in …

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03 September 2007

Migration Update, Maasai Mara, August 31st 2007

The migration has changed dramatically in the past two weeks. All the herds from the eastern side of the Mara River have crossed back west into the Mara triangle - the western side of the park - and the area around Look Out Hill before heading south into northern Serengeti! This was a quick exit, since they were expected to stay in the Mara ecosystem till November at the least, as is always the case. Our guides attributed this to the change in the rain pattern - part of the global phenomenon - …

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