30 October 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya October 29th 2008

The final herds of migrant herbivores are now exiting the Mara. The short rains that washed the plains over the last couple of weeks have just stopped, and it is drying up fast. The herds can now be distinguished between the Loita from the Serengeti ones from the direction of their final exit. The Loita herds are heading east, while the Serengeti bound herds are heading south. There is still a concentration south of the Mara Triangle, south towards the Mara Bridge, and along the Mara-Serengeti …

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20 October 2008

Migration Update - 20th October 2008

The Serengeti is beginning to dry up now as most of Tanzania sees a substantial rise in temperatures. The bulk of the Migration has now moved more to the West between Bolagonja and Kogatende. The Wildebeest will stay in that general area until they get a whiff of the rains on the horizon. Given it has been such a wet ‘dry’ season in Northern Serengeti it will be interesting to find out when the rains arrive. The general game has been very good indeed in the northern Serengeti eco-system through…

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15 October 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya October 15th 2008

The past week has seen the wildebeests slowly exiting from the Mara and heading back to northern Serengeti. Most of the plains are now empty with only a handful of herds in isolated pockets in the reserve.The nourished herds have left plains are bare of grass in their wake. A change in the rain patterns in the region has been a factor that contributed to the endless mass movement across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. Overstaying in a place results in exhausting of the grass and hence a migration…

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04 October 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya October 4th 2008

Just as our guides had reported last week, the herds have now started streaming back into northern Serengeti. The concentration of animals on the Central plains decreased remarkably in the last few days. River crossings have reduced as the herds now concentrate on feeding, but even with a few animals, it still is interesting for first timers. The second exodus of the migration could mark the end of their stay in the Mara, albeit a little earlier than usual. Most years the final exit is in Novem…

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