24 November 2008

Wildlife Update, Kenya 24th November 2008

Overview:With the exit of the wildebeests from the Mara, we shall keep you abreast of with how the Big Cats in the Mara cope through the lean period till the herbivores return next year. Our updates will also focus on the cats and other interesting sightings across our units as reported from our field staff.We have had two weeks of life-bringing rain in the Mara from the beginning of the month, which is quickly grassing the plains with a fresh carpet of lush green shoots. The herbivores are no…

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07 November 2008

Migration Update - 7th November 2008

The northern and central areas of the Serengeti received some very heavy showers and storms in the last couple of weeks — to the extent that vehicles were getting stuck in the mud. Not surprisingly, the grazing has improved further south and the herds have followed their noses to search for the rich new growth. The herds now stretch from Lobo through the Tagora plains area to central Seronera area and down almost to Naabi Hill. And then at Naabi hill, you meet up with the more traditional dry s…

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