27 June 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya June 27th 2008

Over the past week, the Loita herds of mainly zebras have now spread out over the recently burnt area in the south Mara triangle. Some herds are still around Musiara Gate, Olorukoti plain and on the Koiyaki - Olare-Orok Conservancy areas. The migration this year has been gradual unlike in the past. The herds coming from the Loita plains will keep entertaining us before the imminent arrival of the main Serengeti herds from the south.The Mara River has been active, with some zebras crossing onto …

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20 June 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya June 20th 2008

Our guides at Mara Intrepids have reported the head of the migration is still streaming in, albeit at a slow pace, over the past week. Traditionally, zebras lead the rest of the migratory herds, and as we are reliably informed, it won't be long before the official migration is on. Our guests have witnessed a few crossings in the past few days. Low water levels and fewer herds have not stopped the crocodiles from trying to grab the zebras on the shallow waters. Once across the river, they enter…

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16 June 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya June 16th 2008

Migration Update:The mini migration which we reported last week is still ongoing, with many more zebra and a few wildebeest seen moving into the reserve from the east. However, this is not the main migration from the Serengeti ecosystem, but a ‘localized’ group from Loita moving into the reserve. When traveling to or from Narok, one can see herds of wildebeests heading into the park from as far Maji moto area.The recently burnt grasslands south of the Mara triangle, coupled with the rains has b…

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06 June 2008

Big Cat and Migration Updates - Maasai Mara, Kenya. June 6th, 2008

The month of May was significantly wet, and the sprouting grass made it harder to spot animals. Nevertheless, recent weeks have been promising, and Heritage will continue to update you regularly on the changing weather conditions across the Mara ecosystem.Lions:Lions sightings were reportedly poor during the month of May, mainly due the rains in April. Most animals have moved to areas where the grass is shorter to avoid predation and to look for more nutritious shoots. The Ridge Pride has been …

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