26 September 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya September 26th 2008

The Mara is still teeming with wildebeest but in smaller concentrations. There are patchy concentrations in the north of the reserve, around Musiara Gate down to Rhino Ridge, and southwards around Look-Out Hill into the northern Serengeti. However, the herds on the central plains and south to Sand River are still high compared to other areas of the reserve.Our guides have observed the mannerisms of herds that might suggest an imminent exit from the Mara. Just a few days after coming back, some …

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16 September 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya September 16th 2008

Nature has once again confounded us, and the wildebeest migration has proven why it is thrill to millions all over the world! Just a few days after we reported in our last update of the departure of the wildebeests from Masai Mara, the migration has a new twist - the herds have returned! In the last couple of days, the concentration in the south of the reserve swelled to an enormous number. Most of the herds as per our previous update have made a complete cycle in the past two weeks. Most herds…

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15 September 2008

Migration Update - 15th September 2008

Late rains in the northern Serengeti have meant there is lots of grazing for the wildebeest herds, most of whom have either stayed south of the border, or have returned back from the Mara. At the moment the migration is in full spate all along the northern Serengeti, and the game viewing is phenomenal with lots of lion and cheetah seen on recent Nomad safaris.

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12 September 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya September 12th 2008

The migration took a dramatic change in the past week, confounding even seasoned observers! The Mara plains are now almost empty of wildebeests after almost all the herds from the eastern side of the Mara River crossed west. This was a quick exit, since they were expected to stay in the Mara till November, as is always the case. Once on the Mara triangle (which lies in the western side of the park), most herds headed south into northern Serengeti. The herds on the central, Burrungat and Meta pl…

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06 September 2008

News from Maasai Mara, Kenya September 4th 2008

The last week has seen the migration taking a new twist reminiscent of the migration situation in 2005, only with more herds this year! The wildebeests that had congregated on Paradise plain have all crossed the river onto the Mara conservancy. There was a massive concentration on the central Mara triangle earlier in the week, but the herbivores have now drifted southwards towards Engoikwateet salt lick on the border of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystems. While this was happening, the herds on the e…

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