19 January 2009

Migration Update - 19th January 2009

The dry spell is continuing, though there are scattered, isolated showers in the Ndutu area. This means the game is on the move continuously but it is still possibleto get excellent sightings, especially for cats. The bulk of the Migration is still in central southern Serengeti but is widely scattered. The open areas of the short grass plains are fairly dusty and windy but the woodland areas are still very rewarding.

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05 January 2009

Migration Update - 5th Jan 2009

There has been little rain in the last two weeks in much of the Southern Serengeti and the Migration herds have travelled west to the longer grass plains around Hidden Valley and Moru. The game was still good around Ndutu. It was drying up fast north of the Naabi road remained very dry with game spread out, mostly to be found in the woodland areas and not in the open.In the last two days, there have been some heavy showers around the whole short grass plain area, including southern Loliondo, wi…

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