21 February 2009

Migration Update - 21st February 2009

The last couple of weeks have been extremely good for game sightings and for the Migration throughout the short grass plains area. The regular scattered showers have kept the game in the area and encouraged the nutrient rich grass to grow up. The last few days have seen a general drying up but this is a standard, regular cycle throughout the green season. The weather forecast predicts some good showers in the early days of this coming week which should keep the main herds in the general area. …

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13 February 2009

Wildlife Update, Kenya : 13th February, 2009

Welcome to our New Year Wildlife Update!Despite the departure of the migrating herds in November last year, game viewing is still good in the Mara. The absence of the normal short rains in December brought on a dry spell that caused most of the animals to remain in the park, where pasture was still available. We started to receive some rain two weeks ago, though these are likely to be short-lived off-season showers.Large herds of zebra and wildebeest, which form the Loita Migration, came back t…

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03 February 2009

Migration Update - 3rd February 2009

There have been heavy showers across the short and medium grass plains area over the last 10 days that have changed the Migration picture quite considerably. The weather forecast shows the rain easing off in the next three days but returning again at the weekend. It looks like the long drought period we have experienced since the unseasonal showers in Oct/Nov has now broken. This will provide much needed relief not just for the game but also for the communities surrounding the National Parks wh…

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