31 March 2009

MIgration Update - 31st March 2009

The dry weather has continued, with scattered light showers still making an appearance at random intervals across the short grass plains.The Migration is much as it was in the last report, around central areas of the Serengeti and in the woodland areas surrounding the plains, where the general game sightings remain very good. Looking at the forecast, there are more showers expecting in the next couple of days before another dry spell sets in. Once the rain falls, the immediate game picture chan…

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06 March 2009

Migration Update - 3rd March 2008

The rains are still not cooperating this year. There are cloud build ups and even thunder and lightening but we are not getting the rain that they promise. The Migration is now spreading out yet again, in search of more reliable food which means going south and west towards Maswa and Moru. There is still some green grass around those parts and they have had more rain than the areas in the shadow of the crater. The weather for the next week looks dry and sunny, though despite this we have …

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