27 April 2009

Wildlfe Update April 14, 2009

General OverviewSince our last wildlife update, on the cats and general info from the Mara, not much has changed in terms of the amount of game present in the reserve. The wildebeest are still in the Mara, which is quite unusual for this time of the year. Seeing the wildebeest with newly born calves is the most unusual thing, since calving normally happens in southern Serengeti and on the Loita plains for the resident herds. There is still a reasonable concentration on the North Mara, and areas…

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14 April 2009

Migration Update - 14th April 2009

Finally the rains have arrived with the full Easter moon. For those on safari at this time, the dark storm clouds flying over the Serengeti and Loliondo were a truly dramatic sight. Much of the rain has been falling at night, leaving the days clear.Not surprisingly there has been an instant change in the distribution of the game and the Migration has rushed back to the short grass plains around Ndutu, Gol and southern Loliondo. Since these have been heavy rains, we would expect them to stay ar…

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