20 May 2009

Migration Update - 20th May 2009

The last week has seem some rains coming to the Serengeti Loliondo and southern Kenya area. Ideally, we need them to carry on for some time as there is not enough ground cover to last out the dry months but already the effects are obvious. The southern short grass plains are green with plenty of game around including the Migration. Other wildlife are much more visible as they have pulled away from the permanent water sources. The cattle which had been grazing brought from drought stricken areas…

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06 May 2009

Migration Update - 6th May 2009

The rains have brought relief to the short grass plains with additional recent rain around Ndutu. However, despite the green grass, the overall conditions are still dry and there are few standing water sources. The herds remain scattered over the whole southern serengeti/NCAA area with some small groups up in the north as well. Most likely these ones never came further south. Much more rain is still needed before the game can face the dry season with confidence. However, traditionally it dies o…

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02 May 2009

Wildlfe Update: May 2nd, 2009

The just ended month of April, has been very good in terms of game viewing in our units. The anticipated long rains across the country was erratic and less than anticipated, leaving most of the country still dry.In the Mara, the rainfall was sufficient to quench the ground and grass the plains across the recently burnt areas. In some areas the grass has now grown very tall and most herbivores are avoiding them because predators take advantage to prey on them. Because most animals have moved to …

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