24 June 2009

Migration Update - 23rd June 2009

There are still large groups of Wildebeest and Zebras in Seronera and the central Serengeti area. Many have moved to the Western corridor already with a huge herd already reaching Musabi and surrounding areas. The Zebra will start trampling down the grass followed by the herds of Wildebeest and game viewing will improve as the long grass stems thin out. While the herds are moving out of the short grass plains later than usual this year, the length of time they stay around the central and wester…

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18 June 2009

Migration Update - 18th June 2009

There are no rains at the moment and the weather is fine. After very heavy rains in the last couple of weeks in the Western Corridor the grass is currently quite long and green. The Migration is quite spread out and still in Central Serengeti. We expect, as the area dries out, for a large section to move further into the Western Corridor while other groups will go up through central Serengeti and Loliondo. The Migration does not move as one defined group in its seasonal movements. When t…

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17 June 2009

Wildlife Update 7

Weather:We have come to the end of the rains in the Mara and the plains have transformed into a sea of grass. The resident animals, mainly herbivores are congregated into groups where the new grass has sprouted. This short and highly palatable grass is much favoured by the small and medium sized herbivores such as the gazelles, warthogs, hartebeests and the wildebeest. The rest of the reserve is still covered in long and overgrown grass, which the larger herbivores such as the elephants and b…

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06 June 2009

Wildlfe Update 19th May 2009

There has been unexpected rain in the Mara region over the past two weeks. The rains, though not as heavy as the usual long rains in April has turned the plains in the Mara into a sea of grass. The animals are now concentrated only in a few overgrazed patches in the reserve. The rain has also made some areas difficult to drive through, which is normal when we get this amount of rain.Rain notwithstanding, game viewing is still good. For a first-time visitor to the Mara, it may appear empty, but …

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