27 January 2010

Wildlife Sightings: 2010

Happy new year to all!It is the start of another year, with everyone making New Year resolutions and here in the Mara we are no exception - we do hope 2010 will be better. The good news is that we have started the year with lots of rain in the country including the Mara, giving us a break from the previous year’s devastating drought.In 2009, the Mara River dropped to its lowest level. It made the famous annual wildebeest crossing from the Serengeti and in to the Mara look like a joke, because t…

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23 January 2010

Migration Update - 23rd January 2010

The migration is spread across a wide area of the short grass plains, with everything looking green and lush after recent rains. However, the eastern plains around Salei are drying fast now and longs columns of wildebeest are forming and setting off to the south-west. The first new calves of the season are being seen, so happy days for the predators.

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13 January 2010

Migration Update - 13th January 2010

Rains are continuing in the southern Serengeti and the area is very green and lush. Our guides are reporting seeing hundreds of wildebeest all over Ndutu "as far as the eye can see", also around Malanja towards Oldupai, and all the way to the Golini Plain up to Lake Masek. Our Serengeti Safari Camp has enjoyed being right in the midst of all the action.They've been seeing plenty of predators too, esepecially lions; a pride of 16 lions resting, whilst two of their pride successfully brought down…

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