26 February 2010

Migration Update - 25th February 2010

The bulk of the Serengeti migration is still in the Ndutu area and around Kusini. There has been plenty of rain and there is very good grazing in the area currently. Our Nomad guides are reporting seeing lots of new-born wildebeest about as well as amazing game generally, especially in the Masek area: a pride of 16 lions, lots of cheetah and stacks of plains game. Plus one group of guests were lucky enough to watch one column of wildebeest passing them that took 3 hours from start to finis…

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12 February 2010

Migration Update - 12th February 2010

There are currently up to half a million wildebeest on the Macau plains south of Ndutu and somealso decent herds around the Lemuta area. There has not been any substantial rain showersfor some time, so the area is drying up and has been quite windy. No rain is forecast forthe next 7 days so we would expect the Wildies to be on the move towards theend of this time.

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09 February 2010

Wildlife Sightings

Masai MaraAfter the heavy rains, there is now plenty of food on the plains for the animals especially the herbivores. By the end of last year, the migrating herds of wildebeests and zebras had left for the Serengeti. The remaining animals, mainly herbivores, are concentrated in areas where the grass is short.Unlike the time of the drought last year when the grass had dried up, it is now growing fast. This makes it difficult for the prey to see the predators until it’s too late. Unfortunately fo…

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