24 June 2010

Migration Update - 24th June 2010

The migratory herds have separated into two distinct groups - one in the Western Corridor/Grumeti area and one in north-east Serengeti and northern Loliondo area. Our Nomad mobile camps are operating in both areas and have them covered. We are expecting the western herd to to start moving north to the Mara River area towards the end of July.    

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18 June 2010

The Great Wildebeest Migration Has Begun!

It's official - the annual migration of the wildebeest from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya started six days ago. The comical animals nicknamed "the clown of the plains" and said to be put together by a committee, have moved across the south Mara plains. The herds split before entering the Central Plains with one herd heading west and the other to the north. It’s a welcome surprise to see the migration start earlier than expected. Also this time, the main migrat…

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17 June 2010

Migration Update - 17th June 2010

The rains in the Serengeti have now stopped, but the unseasonal weather of the last month has meant that the wildebeest are continuing to move in a rather abnormal pattern. Whilst some wildebeest are, as we would normally expect at this time of year, in the Western Corridor area, other herds can be found as far north as Bologonja up near the Mara River. Nomad clients, currently on safari in the Western Corridor, are all enjoying very good migration sightings with the large amounts of cats and …

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07 June 2010

Migration Update - 7th June 2010

Our Nomad guides are reporting seeing large herds heading back down from Lobo and into the Western Corridor area, with smaller numbers remaining in the northern Serengeti around Bologonja. The unseasonal rains we've had recently have meant the migratory patterns are not as normal. At this time of year we would expect to find the bulk of the migration in the Moru Kopjes area (of the mid-Western Serengeti), heading into the Western Corridor. The fact that some front-runners went straight to the n…

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