23 November 2011

Serengeti Migration Update - 23rd November 2011

  UPDATE: Nomad guide Kennedy has just called in to say he's seen a wildebeest herd of over a million strong between Naabi, Gol Kopjes and Golini. Nomad guides also report seeing some smaller herds down in the central Serengeti area, groups spread out between the Moru and Maasai Kopjes. Good rains in the area means there is plenty of grazing around. Read more Nomad camp news on our blogs  

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04 November 2011

Where to steal a deal in 2012

Shhh, don’t tell everyone, but Zimbabwe is a hot ticket for 2012, offering excellent value for money coupled with enriched safari experiences.  We recommend you take a look now before the rest of the pack.  Once the shining star of the safari industry, with a conservation record second to none and some of Africa’s top professional guides, Zimbabwe slipped off the radar post 2000 when the politicians lost the plot.Whilst the continent’s safari industry continued to grow elsewhere, Zimbabwe’s saf…

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01 November 2011

Serengeti Migration Update - 1st November 2011

Guests at Lamai saw a good crossing yesterday. Heavy rain the last few days seems to have brought the wildebeest back and they have been around in force with herds visible in front of the lodge almost all the time. We’ve also had some nice morning visits from a herd of ellies one day, a herd of buffalo the next and a herd of eland the day after. We watched a hyena chase some wildebeest two mornings ago. Last night, we watched a leopard and hyena walk in front of the rooms and lions pulled down …

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