29 September 2011

Serengeti Migration Update - 29th September 2011

There are still big herds crossing and recrossing the Mara river in the northern Serengeti and there has been a lot of rain around Nyamalumbwa and Kogatende which provides them with good grazing. Our guides have seen rhinos with calves and quite a few cheetah chasing down young wildebeest.

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26 September 2011

Dramatic lion cub rescue, Masai Mara, Kenya

Here’s an incredible sequence of shots attributed to Jean-Francois Largot in which a lion cub is rescued by its mother from a deep river gully in Kenya's Masai Mara.  See the full sequence at  

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22 September 2011

A new "black mamba" world record?

How's this for a specimen?! Photo received from Glenn Stutchbury/Ross Kennedy of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. A Black mamba - approx 6.5m long - spotted last week near a cemetery in Triangle - fundi's reckon a mamba this size probably hatched during the 60's and would carry enough venom to kill 400 men !!  See the reaction here!  

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21 September 2011

Serengeti Migration Update - 21 September 2011

From Lamai Serengeti: we've had a lot of wildebeest around, our guests are seeing river crossings all the time. Because of the rain we've had here, it seems the big herds are all heading down and across the river again. We've even heard reports of herds near Ikoma.  From Nomad guide Chediel: I've seen big herds from Nyamalumbwa to Kogatende, criss-crossing over the sand river.  These great safari images are from Nomad guide Ken     Look carefully at the background, this is on the Kog…

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07 September 2011

Serengeti Migration Update - 7th September 2011

There is plenty of water in the Mara River, and with this lots of carcasses of drowned wildebeest, not such a good sight. There are still lots of wildebeest crossing over in both directions, but rising river levels because of the rain has meant they can't always cross.   It's very green and beautiful up in the northern Serengeti, around Kogatende and there has been good rains around Lobo and in northern Loliondo.

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