Masai Mara - Early Migration Signs

18ºc morning
25ºc at midday 
23ºc after sunset 

The Domestic Migration of the Loita Wildebeest and Zebra to the Mara 
The Loita wildebeest are between Double Crossing and Ntiakitiak River within easy reach of Mara Intrepids Camp. Some herds of wildebeest have already crossed the river and are heading back east towards Olare Orok and Motorogi conservancies. There are some large herds of resident zebras at the Topi Plains, north-west of the Camp.


The Ridge Pride
The Ridge pride is still at Topi Plains where there is a lot of plains game. The pride has been feasting on a menu of zebra, topi and warthogs over the last few days. The pride has four cubs aged seven months; four lioness and two old black-maned lions.
The Paradise Pride
The pride is on both sides of the Mara River depending on where there is more prey. Sometimes the four musketeers from the Marsh Pride join the Paradise Pride. The four musketeers have been seen often in Mara Triangle.
The Paradise Pride is in two groups. One group has six cubs aged ten months and two lionesses. The other group has three lioness and four sub-adult cubs. 
The Olkeju Ronkai Pride
Napejo the lioness and two others have five cubs aged about four months. There are two males with them from the M7 group despite the fact that there is a shortage of prey around Olkeju Ronkai.  The cats are still healthy but they are targeting weak and single animals for food.
The topi and hartebeest are around Maji ya Eland, south of Mara Intrepids. The pride seems to be heading towards this area.  
The Olkiombo Pride
The pride has regrouped once again following the arrival of the Loita zebra and wildebeest.  Plenty of food reduces food competition among the cats which is the unifying factor in lion families.
The group of seven has joined the group of eight. The males that serve this pride are the same two from the M7 group that visit the Olkeju Ronkai pride. The pride has of late been targeting cattle along the Talek River. 
The lions are therefore elusive because they are hunting cows and so want to keep away from people. They are seen very early in the morning before they go into hiding. 

Bahati with her two cubs aged seven months - a male and a female - is roaming around Mara Intrepids Camp and Mara Explorer Camp. She was last seen hunting across the Talek River opposite Mara Explorer Camp.
It’s not sure whether the Olare Orok female is Saba or a different female. She is still around Mara Intrepids Camp with her two cubs aged one year. The cubs are a male and a female.
Siri is at the hideout hopefully raising her cubs.  
There are still some exceptional cheetahs seen around Mara Intrepids Camp. Malaika and both her cubs are moving around a lot which might mean that Malaika is planning to leave her cubs soon as they are quite grown up.

Imani and her three cubs are also seen often. Recently, Imani killed an impala near the Mara Intrepids football pitch.
Rani with her three cubs are also been around Mara Intrepids Camp.
Report and pictures By Raphael Ole Koikai – Head Driver Guide, Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps.