2017 Migration in Mara

The Maasai Mara has been a beehive of activity over the last two weeks as the migration season has started early this year. The migratory herds from the Serengeti have started crossing Sand River into the Mara while other herds are coming through the Roan hills. Between Lookout hill and Olmisigiyioi at Meta Plains there are big herds of the migratory wildebeest coming to Olkeju Rongai. We anticipate that in a few days’ time they will be making their way into Possee Plains and cross Talek River. Most rivers are almost dry due to the prolonged dry spell – so the crossings may be easier. The grass is quite dry and not in plenty because the corridors used by the migrating animals have been fenced off as the land has been subdivided by individuals. It’s a matter of great concern to conservationist. Topi plains is teaming with thousands of wildebeest and zebras most of whom are residents heading towards the Mara River at the main crossing and at Chemorta crossing points. It is festive season for the predators and we have been seeing a lot of kills by lions, leopards and even hyenas. The Notch boys have permanently settled with the Look Out pride. The pride has several cubs doing very well. The Ridge pride with the dominant males Blacky and Lipstick are doing very well around Double Cross making multiple kills in a day. The cubs are doing great. They are very healthy. The pride is getting bigger by the day. There are three young males - they have been pushed out but are still trying to hang around. It is a matter of time before they become nomads and fully independent. Paradise pride led by the Musketeers are also doing well and are between Paradise plains and Chemorta. They are feasting on zebras and wildebeest. The Olkeju Rongai pride is at Burrungat plains also waiting anxiously for the migratory herds to get into their territory. They are still not settled since the attack by the four nomads who kicked out Long Face who was the dominant male in the pride. Cheetahs Sightings every day. There is a new coalition of five male cheetah who have been doing in the Mara. They are believed to come from the Serengeti. They were first seen in Naboisho conservancy. They are now around the Mara Intrepids. They have been killing impala and young wildebeest daily. Musiara had a new set of four cubs but she lost three. She is around Olare Orok conservancy. Malaika with her two cubs are Possee plains – she’s struggling because she’s getting old. Compiled By: Raphael koikai