07 August 2017

Migration in the North

Our Serengeti Nomad has been busy keeping track of the migration and updating us with all the latest news on the ground from the Serengeti plains. Direct from our Nomad Northern Guide, Nathan, he is hot on the trail of the herds as they make their annual trek across the Serengeti, and has put together a report of the migration movements so far this month.   Early July: The wildebeest and zebra arrived in large groups around the Lamai Wedge on the other side of the Mara River. Following some ver…

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27 January 2017

Rain on the dry plains.

Good news today, we just had contact from our guides in Ndutu and they say it rained last night! Looking at the forecasts this should last for a while, so fingers crossed. Currently the migration is very scattered, while Ndutu woodlands are relatively green and there are some smaller herds, a lot of them are on the plains towards Kusini and Maswa, some even reaching North towards Moru, but with a couple of more showers they should all move back towards Ndutu in the next couple of days.

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