Events at Semiliki Safari Lodge, Uganda

A few things has happend at Semliki since our last newsletter.

We have found a young buffalo with a white blaze on it's face. This is very strange and a first for all of us working here.

The only conclusion we could make is that is probally a birth mark. The little one is very healty and active.

We also saved a Kob from a snare not too long ago. The UWA rangers called us to come and help them remove the snare.

It was a fully grown male, Keith took him down by the horns and we blindfolded him.

It took us about 15minutes to get the snare off, the damage wasn't too bad.

Once the snare was off, we all stood back and he ran off into the savannah.

We have been seeing quite a few elephants and lions lately. Keith had a very close encounter with one of our male lions a while ago. We took our guests for sundowners in the bush, and when it was time to head back, Keith stayed behind to pack up and wait for the vehcile to pick him up. While waiting, a lion started stalking him, he noticed the lion and quickly climbed up a tree.

No harm was done, just a few scratches and a torn shirt. The lion is also alright haha.

Well, this is all for now.

Hope you enjoyed the bit of news and hope we see you soon.